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Featuring Esteemed Actor and Film Director Carl Bradshaw, The Jolly Boys (Lengendary Mento Band), accompanied by Folk + Limbo Dancers

Carl Bradshaw

Chalk & slate

a celebration of jamaican culture

with Carl Bradshaw, The Jolly Boys and more


Available for 2024 bookings


Chalk & Slate: A Celebration of Jamaican Culture” — An Unforgettable Journey through the Music, Dance, and Stories that Shape Jamaica

London, UK — July 13, 2023 — The rich tapestry of Jamaica’s vibrant heritage is set to dazzle audiences worldwide with the debut of “Chalk & Slate: A Celebration of Jamaican Culture”. This unique showcase is a harmonious fusion of music, dance, and storytelling, offering a captivating exploration of the narratives, rhythms, and movements that define Jamaica’s unique cultural landscape.

Curated by the celebrated Jamaican actor and film director Carl Bradshaw, and brought to life by the legendary mento band The Jolly Boys, alongside a talented ensemble of folk and limbo dancers, “Chalk & Slate” is an ambitious project aimed to deepen global appreciation for the multifaceted beauty and historical richness of Jamaican culture.

“Chalk & Slate” pays homage to the traditional Jamaican education system of the 1950s, where chalk and slate were the essential tools of learning. The title represents the foundation of knowledge and the beginning of a journey, mirroring Jamaica’s own journey from a tumultuous history to a culturally vibrant nation influencing the global stage.

At the helm of this ambitious endeavor is Carl Bradshaw, a luminary in the Jamaican film industry. With a career spanning over four decades, Bradshaw has significantly contributed to the depiction and understanding of Jamaican culture on both local and international platforms. Known for his outstanding performances in groundbreaking films such as “The Harder They Come” and “Dancehall Queen”, Bradshaw has captivated audiences worldwide, making him a household name in Jamaican cinema. His intimate understanding of Jamaica’s history and his masterful storytelling will guide audiences through the nation’s vibrant past and present during the show.

The Jolly Boys, one of Jamaica’s most celebrated mento bands, will provide the musical heartbeat of the show. For nearly seven decades, they have played an integral role in the preservation and promotion of mento music, Jamaica’s indigenous folk music and the precursor to ska and reggae. Their enduring sound, honed since the 1950s, encapsulates the resilience, creativity, and spirit of Jamaica. The band’s current lineup, which includes some of Jamaica’s most skilled musicians, continues to innovate and invigorate the mento genre, making it relevant and exciting for contemporary audiences. .The Jolly Boys current line up includes Karl Thompson vocal, Shantel Valentine, vocals, Lawrence Christie Rumba box, Ddlano Douglas drums, Noel Goward guitar, Rylon Carr keyboard. + folk and limbo dancers.

“Chalk & Slate” is more than a show; it is a living celebration of Jamaica’s cultural heritage,” said Carl Bradshaw. “Our objective is to deepen global awareness and appreciation of Jamaica’s vibrant history and culture, connecting people from all corners of the world through the rhythm, movements, and narratives of our beloved island nation.”

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues, “Chalk & Slate” is a 90-minute production that will resonate with diverse audiences. It invites all — culture enthusiasts, families, or tourists — on an immersive and enlightening journey into the heart of Jamaica.

The show is poised to tour cultural festivals, theaters, and educational institutions globally, with the goal of sharing the dynamism, resilience, and mesmerizing charm of Jamaican culture far and wide.

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About Chalk & Slate

“Chalk & Slate” is a unique celebration of Jamaican culture, blending music, dance, and storytelling into an engaging narrative experience. The show aims to share the essence of Jamaica’s rich heritage and vibrant contemporary spirit, fostering global appreciation and understanding of this extraordinary culture.